Who is the artist mayakov ?


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Who is "Mayakoveiji"? 
Citygallery 2320 Shuichi Mukai

The first time I encountered Mayakoveiji was in a solo exhibition venue titled with "The terrible objects that continue to glow" in the gallery of Kobe Art Village Center in 2010. Mayakoveiji operated the projector quietly in a large venue and was flowing his own video on the wall. In "The anatomy on the blackboard", sperm and ovum meet and cell division repeats ,subsequently human developmental process is deployed with self-drawn images.

In his imagination, Mayakov painted thouthands of drawings and finished it as a video work. The sketches which became the material seems to be pictures drawn by chalk on the blackboard, and mixed with letters and figures as if it is medieval anatomic book. He began making video works since 1975 when he was a college student. It was an era when there was neither a personal computer nor a smartphone. If you wanted to make an animation film, you had to burn hadwritten figures on 8mm film one shot at a time . It is tremendous work.

Following "Konnichiwa in the metal field"(2011), "Light and video"(2012), "Paintings"(2013) and "Wood and paper installation"(2014), Mayakoveiji is continuing to present multiple personality works such as paintings, printmaking, photography, terracotta, paper and wood installation after 2010.

In "Each water level"the four person exhition at Kobe Planet Earth in 2015(Produced by Shuichi Mukai/Motoko Chikamatu, Naoko Wada, Chisa Itokawa ), his videoworks including collaboration with the haiku collection "Turquois Milk" of contemporary haiku poet Natuishi Ban'ya kept running through all day.

In recent years, he has been actively intersecting and co-staring while overlaying slf-made video with his friends in other genres of dance,butoh and improvisedmusic etc. He says, atomosphore with place and tension feeling to start and end instantaneously opens a new horizon.

The figure when Mayakoveiji gives on the real name EIji Koyama is an ophthalmologist.
What kind of footage will Mayakoveiji burn onto our retina from now on?


about exhibition

In 1975, I started creative activity by oil painting. Continuously, interested in the photography and photocollage.2years later,started making animation film. For 40years,painting,photography and movie are on a table ,rotate and return. Occationaly, tried installation art using clay,paper,squared wood timber or other material .
Main film works-AZAMI(1981),ANIMATION WORKS(2002),BLACK LIGHT FILM(1986),Anatomy on the blackboard(2012),Turquois milk(2015) 

In 2010,held personal exhibition at Kobe art village center(KAVC).
It appears that my motivation is sustained by unconscious structure .
Recently, feel the importance of the collabolation with other genre .For the present, I am guessing of possibility of improvised image through the performing art.


Artist C.V. (now a days)
2018 ◼ Solo exhibition at City gallery 2320(Kobe) ▶ installation view ■ 2018.5.13 "Five Parallel World" at Itami Aiphonic Hall Fumihiko Kimura (percussion), Koichi Hiroki(piano), Chie Kitamura(voice), Asuka Ueki(dance), Eiji Koyama(visual)
■ 2018.7.20 Animation Runs Eiji Koyama personal exhibition organized by Himeji Cineclub At Quiet Holiday Himeji


2017 ■ 20.12.17 at Nambaya Raguno Miyabe(guiter), Atashi Yoshiko(dance), Eiji Koyama(visual) ■ 2017.4.22 " Hosono " at Hosono building Kimura Fumihiko(percussion),Sanae Kuroko(dance),Eiji Koyama(visual)
■ 2017.4.29 Improvisation collective"Dadon"at Marconostargy Osaka ■ 2017.8.19 Sound, Vision & Motion at environmental zerogauge Fumihiko Kimura (percussion), Aun Tomoko(dance), Nachiho Toyoda(Electronics,drums), Eiji Koyama(visual) ■ 2017.8.2 "Heatbeat Mosquito" at Shuyukan Omihachiman Raguno Miyabe(guiter), Atashi Yoshiko(dance), Eiji Koyama(visual) ■ 2017.10.7 " Shimanouchi " at Shimanouchi church Kimura Fumihiko(percussion), Masashi Kamitaka(steelpan), Sanae Kuroko(dance), Eiji Koyama(visual)
■ 2017.10.29 VISUAL×JAZZ 〜 Eiji Koyama(visual) ,Yuki Hatakeyama(piano) .Kazuhiro Tone(bass), Motohiro Shioiri(drums) at ZAC BARAN  ■ 2017.4.30 "Fantasy of the basement" at environmental zerogauge Osaka Shoko Toshiyama(soundcollage), Takashi Miyamoto(guitar),Europian Chtch、Eiji Koyama(visual)


2016 ■ 2016.4 The exhibition of several film works in " THEATER IN MUSEUM" curated by Nose Iseo at Oita Prefectural Art Museum(OPAM)  ■ 2016.4.10 -Performance of sound, dance and visual-at SPiniNg MiLL Chie Mukai(erhu), Yasuo Usui(guitar), L.Sakai(dance), Eiji Koyama(visual) ■ 2016.6.26 " Ishindenshin" at Nambaya Tori Kudoh(piano), Oh Myunja(performance), Eiji Koyama(visual) ■ 2016.9.4 Hada Benedito(from Berlin) at environmental zerogauge Osaka Tamako Katuhuji(melodian),Eiji Koyama(visual) ■ 2016.!0.27 "Magical Chemical Powers Night" at UrBAGUILD Kyoto Magical Power Mako (technoprogressive), K-mikaru Miko (acordion), Mesa of the lost woman(from France), Chie Mukai(erhu,dance), Chika Suzuki(ryuteki), Takashi Yoshida(percussion,synthesizer), Eiji Koyama(visual)


2015 ■ 2015.9 The exhibition of "Turquoise Milk" in the general meeting of world haiku association ■ 2015.9 "The each water lebel" four peaple exhibition at Planet EartH in Kobe Naoko Wada, Chisa Itokawa, Motoko Chikamatu, Mayakoveiji ■ 2015.12 Mayakoveiji personal exhibition "Performance in camera" at Kobe art village center(KAVC)


2013 ■ The exhibition of "AZAMI" and "Anatomy on the blackboard" in the 25th aniversary of Okayama prefectural museum ■ 2013.10 MayakovⅣ The personal exhibition of the oil paintings Ⅰ at Kobe art village center(KAVC)  ■ 2013.12 Mayakov Ⅴ The personal exhibition of the oil paintings Ⅱ at Kobe art village center(KAVC)  ■ 2014.4 MayakovⅥ The installation with paper and wood at Kobe art village center(KAVC)


2012 ■T hree peaple exhibition "The light and the image" Mayakoveiji,Masao Moriyama and Nobuko Yamashita at Kobe art village center(KAVC)


2011 ■ MayakovⅡ The quantum Apocarypse by computer graphics "Knnichiha in the metal field"at Kobe art village center(KAVC) 

2010 ■ Mayakoveiji personal exhibition of photography and object The "proliferating terrible objects" at Kobe art village center(KAVC)





2017 "animation works"



2015   "AZUMI"



  "KONNICHIHA" in the metal field



"clay works installation"



2015 "Anatomy on the blackboad"